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VU-550 Series

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Premix vaporization unit for high temperature

  • Premix vaporization technology (patent pending).
  • Precise flow rate control and premixing of up to 4 precursors using LM-2100A liquid mass flow meters.
  • Simultaneous vaporization in one vaporizer chamber.
  • Space savings and lower cost of ownership.
  • Atmospheric and vacuum process capabilities.
  • Wide carrier gas flow range (800SCCM-130SLM).
  • (800SCCM~130SLM)
  • Maximum operating temperature of 300°C.


  • Liquid supply and vaporize unit for the ferroelectrics film(PZT,BST,etc)
  • Flow rate control and vaporization when used in combination with Liquid mass flow meter.

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