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June 18, 2015adminLiquid VaporizerComments Off on VU-450

VU-450 Series: Solenoid actuator equipped vaporizer unit


Efficient liquid vaporization control when used in
combination with LM-3000L Series

  • High precision liquid vaporization system control using
    solenoid actuator
  • Vaporizing the multiple liquid materials concurrently when use in combination with
    liquid mass flow meters
  • This apparatus is most suitable for the use of liquid with
    low vapour pressure and low flow rate, such as low-k, high-k materials, and
    various metals
  • Rapid vaporization of the liquid sprayed upon the use of
    double orifice nozzle within vaporization chamber by radiant heating
  • Long-term leak tightness ensured using metal sea

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