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Vaporization system for LPCVD and APCVD

  • Precise flow rate control and efficient vaporization of a wide variety of liquids when used in combination with the LM-2100A liquid mass flow meter (US PAT. 5372754).
  • Applicable not only to vacuum but also atmospheric processes.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 200oC.
  • WCompact body size (compatible with VU-410/420).
  • Wide range of carrier gas flow rates (50SCCM-4SLM).
  • (50SCCM~4SLM)


  • Liquid supply and vaporize unit for H2O or etc.
  • Flow rate control and vaporization when used in combination with Liquid mass flow meter.
  • 10g/min(TEOS equivalent)

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