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September 11, 2011adminDry CleanerComments Off on USW-102

This USW-102 is the non-contact dry cleaner for roll film (web), rechargeable battery, metal foil like magnetic tape, flexible circuit, color filter, other films (photo, X-ray, PET, OP, metal, TAC), paper and surface of the roller (metal, rubber etc.).


  • By original pressure/vacuum aerodynamic air balance control, particles removed From web surface can be efficiently sucked to the vacuum slot and prevent from scattering to surroundings.
  • Non-contact air method : No damage to the product surface.
  • Practicable from 100 to 7000 mm width.
  • High-throughput ( Max web speed : 500 M/min. by sales achievement.)
  • PPV type cleaning head ( Double pressure slits and one vacuum slit ).
  • This cleaning head is machined by full custom-made.

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