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September 11, 2011adminCleaning SystemComments Off on UPC-8300

Semiconductor wafer process is facing its rapid progress as pitch narrows, large size wafers are deployed to the line, and new materials are started being used in mass production.


For efficient investment, Mini Environmental concept is becoming popular and SMIF POD is widely used in 8-inch fabs.

Its clean management is now a critical issue.

Hugle Electronics has been a dominant player in cleaning system for wafer cassette and box.
Through that experience and accumulated injstall base, it developed the industry-only fully automated SMIF POD clean system with Automatic door open-close function.

Many units of this system have been installed in mass production fabs.

  • Max 10 PODs can be set in the stocker
  • LCD toch-screen can pre-set multiple recipe for process time
  • Automated transfer system has automatic latch lock and unlock function
  • Enhanced throughput materialized by dual chambers
  • Market-proven DI jet water wash method
  • Process receipe can be assigned each of max 10 SMIF PODs

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