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TS-4000 Series

September 1, 2011adminGas DetectorsComments Off on TS-4000 Series

Flame Proof Type Gas Detector

TS-4000 Series
  • Continuous detection of combustible gas & oxygen in hazardous area with flame proof structure
  • Fast response of gas leakage with high efficient pump inside
  • Detection of combustible gas & oxygen from low to high concentration owing to various detection principle
  • Stable quality and proved detection technology for service life
  • Excellent selectivity by adapting detection principle only for combustible gas & oxygen
  • Superior performance for detection gas below TLV
  • Gas concentration check by built-in LCD
  • Digital display of gas concentration with 3-1/2 Digit
  • 3-wire connection
  • 4-20mA DC output signal
  • Calibration and maintenance by one person

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