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Tank Switcher

May 26, 2015adminCryogenic Equipment and HoseComments Off on Tank Switcher

Technifab’s tank switcher is built based on our long history of making vacuum jacketed pipe and cryogenic controls. Utilizing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for cryogen control and vacuum jacketed pipe to prevent dripping/sweating gives a cryogenic tank switcher that no one else offers!

Tank Switcher

Technifab’s Cryogenic Tank Switcher offers:

  • No more puddles or water running down your walls ruining the drywall.
  • Quicker cool-down time means faster delivery of liquid nitrogen to cryogenic freezers or other applications.
  • Easy to operate user controls allow simple operation and changes for multiple tank situations.
  • Adjustable for different pressure VGL/liquid nitrogen cylinders so it will work in your application.

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