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Silicon Rubber Heater

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Frequently used for pipes, hand valves, electrical valves, containers, thermos and other specific heating or thermo devices in semiconductor, TFT, photovoltaic, and LED related industries.

Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater
Silicon & Nomax Rubber Heater

Heat Resistance

Operational temperature at 200℃.


Heater at one piece.

Material Characteristics

Excellent Functions
Water proof, acid and base tolerated, and erosion tolerated,

Under certain condition of frequent setting apart but still maintain its original shape, effectively preventing the deformation of heater, and retain the safety of the heater itself

Easily Shaped
It is highly efficient to transmit the heat to the conducted and effectively preventing burn out.

Extremely Low Defective Rates
Because of excellent adhesion of silicon, it will therefore assure the accurate temperature in term to protect every elements of heater from sensing it.

Customized design of heaters

Computerized Silicone Rubber Heater, Silicone Rubber Heater, Computerized Teflon Heater, Teflon Heater,

Modular designed
All controlling devices and accessories are fully customized at ZHC, which enable to consolidate signal wires and power lines into a single cable, where the neat outlook and facilitating of inspection are two major pluses.

Low maintenance costs
It will save costs more than 50% by only switching off the defected rubber heater without removing the heating jacket during the moments of malfunctions designed only by ZHC.

Energy saving
Extra layers of heaters, effectively for energy saving up to 20%, guarantee to make your investment profitable.

Special design
Every heater is applied with the round shaped side panels which differentiated from the design commonly done with outer cover plaid, round shaped side panels provide better connectivity, help reducing heat loss and making the entire layout esthetically pleasing

It is tagged on the surface of heater with a removable design. At the left hand side it marked with warning of ‘Caution high temperature! Please do not touch’, and the serial number of each heater is marked at the right hand side on the label, and helps recognizing each item every time when heaters are changed or removed.

The mostly feasible length
ZHC is confirming the mostly feasible length of 100 cm from experiences of engineering team, as well from different projects, with the standard of this length. ZHC guarantees that our products are durable with its forms and safety, and will not be deformed or break because from being prolonged, and will endure the usage of products.

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