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Rubber Heater

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For gases used in medical instruments, mechanical equipments and high tech instruments
For equipments used in dentist specialties and peripherals, thermal system of inspection tables used in health intermediaries and hospitals.

Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater
Rubber Heater

Mechanical devices from polytechnic and scientific studies
Hot plate, flask heater, instruments for analytical purposes, and heating sources of analytical devices in research institutions.

Electrical industries
Anti-frost equipment for doors of freezers, anti-moisture for photographic equipments.

Industrial applications
pre-heating, heating or warmth keeping for pipes, containers, barrels or thermos, this helps on vastly applying to chemical industries, textile industries, ultrasonic cleaner, motor, power generator and other anti-moisturizing for other kinds of mechanical equipments. Also for pre-heating and temperature pre-setting for packaging, pouring and filling equipments, technical applications for kitchenware, glazing, FRP compounds, resins for industry use, as well as the oil and wax injection machineries.

Mechanical Industries
PUMP anti-frost, anti-moisturizing for bran, ironing boards, high speed printing press.

Hardware Industries
Mold heating, sports and training equipments, plastic and rubber products, heating pad, conveyor, welding materials, incubator.

Food Processing Equipments
Vending machine, as well as the coffee and food/beverage processing equipments, defrost devices for frozen foods or freezer for industrial use.

Specialized drum heater for containers with 20 to 50 gallons (Drum Heater)
Coating processing, and heating for containers in factories.

Mechanical applications in semiconductor/LCD industries

Heat Resistance

Operational temperature at 200℃.

Material Characteristics

Excellent Functions
Water proof, acid and base tolerated, erosion tolerated, fungus resistant, termite resistant, and non-flammable.

Easily Shaped
It is highly efficient to transmit the heat to the conducted and effectively preventing burn out.

Good Balance of Temperature
Due to the thermal conducting efficiency of silicon is good, and the heat is evenly transmitted to the conducted evenly during heating process through the heating tape manufactured with silicon, and it will reduce temperature differences, avoiding waste from keeping the required temperature.

Design can be customized based on clienteles’ preferences from specs of shapes, temperature and other requirements.

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