Prestige Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Trace-Rite ®

Customized Endpoint Detection for Any Application

Chamber cleaning chemistries are being targeted by environmentalists and cost conscious IDM’s alike for reduction. The simplest way to reduce consumption is to stop using it when the process is done. This is accomplished by endpoint detection.

Trace-Rite® end point detection provides control of clean time to avoid particles created by either over or under etching. Trace-Rite RPS is the only viable, production proven non-optical endpoint technology available for use on PECVD/CVD remote plasma chamber clean processes.

Trace-Rite® is vastly more powerful than conventional optical due to the intrinsic signal to noise ratio. Sampling the load with the powered electrodes provide vastly more information than the small solid angle of acceptance possible with a fibre optic cable. The result is higher sensitivity and no time lag providing a faster detection of the clean condition. Also, due to the sensitivity, flow rates may be reduced up to 50% without any adverse consequences.

Trace-Rite® Family Functionality Matrix

  Trace-Rite® Classic Trace-Rite® Mini Trace-Rite® RPS
EP Signal Generation
Algorithmic Tool Control  
Data Storage  
LAN Ready  
Tool Health Monitoring and Excursion Detection