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May 25, 2015adminEUD POD Cleaning SystemComments Off on REN

REN is Hugle’ s fully automatic cleaning system for EUV Reticle PODs.


Cleaning these pods is one of the most demanding applications for container cleaning equipment in the Semiconductor Industry. Hugle has met the challenge with innovative technology and unmatched system reliability.

The EUV pod is automatically fed into the system, outer and inner pods are disassembled and placed into separate cleaning chambers where they are washed and dried using our unique technology. They are then reassembled and delivered to the load port. Pods are efficiently washed and dried without exceeding recommended temperatures.

The REN successfully removes nanometer sized particles in a fully automatic on line system compatible with industry standards.

  • Small Foot print
  • Unique cleaning technology
  • Completely dry by high effeciency drying method
  • Fully automatic open/close pod for preventing cross-contamination
  • Also cleans RSP200
  • Built in Robot hand self cleaning system
  • Inner pod cleaning chamber
  • Outer pod cleaning chamber
  • Pods can be loaded manually

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