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Phase Separators

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Technifab’s Phase Separators deliver a high quality, colder liquid nitrogen by reducing the liquid nitrogen pressure and slowing the liquid nitrogen velocity from the supply line. This provides a lower temperature, saturated, pure liquid nitrogen that has fewer gas bubbles in the fluid.

Phase Separators

With Technifab Phase Separators you get:

  • Consistent cryogen delivery output, dramatically improving process control and efficiency.
  • Better liquid nitrogen quality control than utilizing a keep-full device.
  • A vacuum jacketed vessel and lines to minimize frost and heat leakage into the liquid.
  • Multiple designs that can minimize floor space, be mounted overhead, or even be inline with the system.
  • Easy to use operator controls.

We offer four Phase Separator models: PS-22, PS-42, PS-67, and the PS-1.

  • The PS-22 and PS-42 are used in lower cryogenic flow situations and when an overhead mounting solution is required. It features a compact size, vertical and horizontal outlet configurations, and a gravity feed/naturally aspirated version.
  • The PS-67 handles higher flow and is often used when a higher pressure output may be needed.
  • The PS-1 is ideal for low liquid nitrogen flow operations like our liquid nitrogen injector, the Techinjector, which uses lower pressure.

All utilize electronic controls for ease of use and better liquid control than competitive products.

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