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iNet is a subscription-based gas detection program designed to give you peace of mind that your equipment is properly maintained and proactively serviced; that you are able to provide required records on demand with minimal effort; and that your people are kept safe from hazardous gases.

Instrument Maintenance

  • Schedule instrument bump tests and calibrations to occur automatically
  • Receive replacement units from Industrial Scientific when iNet detects a malfunctioning instrument in your fleet

Field Visibility

  • Understand how your instruments are being used in the field and the risks your team faces
  • Use data to proactively correct poor use behavior


  • Produce required records on demand
  • Eliminate the prone-to-error task of manually maintaining records

How iNet works

  • Dock the gas monitor.
  • Docking station performs bump tests, calibrations, and uploads monitor data to iNet.
  • iNet Control provides full access to your program’s most critical data.
  • Replacement monitors are delivered to you should iNet uncover a problem.
  • Your team goes back into the field using reliable gas monitors.

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