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September 11, 2011adminFOUP/FOSB Cleaning SystemComments Off on HNM-300

Various FOUP/FOSB was developed to maintain and to improve the high throughput of the semiconductor manufacture by washing FOUP and FOSB and HNM-300 of washing and a possible drying treatment was developed with one device.


The change and the arrangements changing of any process kit are also unnecessary in this one device.

  • Throughput doubling (our old model and comparison)
  • Conserve footprint (no other putting subunit)
  • Superprecision washing by nozzle washing method
  • Complete dryness by “Hot air knife method” and “High-speed spin method”
  • Dust removal and countermeasure against static electricity equipped with fan filter unit and ionizer
  • Work space securing for container separation and union
  • Automatic purge function for bacteria generation prevention
  • High operativeness with touch panel
  • High safety is secured by abundant interlock equipping

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