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To protect a myriad of goods from costly damage by adsorbing excess moisture during shipping and storage.

What are they?

Desiccant Bags are essentially desiccants packaged in porous materials that allow them to effectively absorb moisture inside packaging or storage containers to protect any number of products, including semiconductors, electronic devices, food, equipment, machinery, military goods, metal components and many other valuables.

Why use them?

Moisture can quickly affect the value or even destroy many types of valuable goods, causing rust, corrosion, mildew, mold and device malfunction. By sealing goods inside packaging with the appropriate desiccant, goods can be protected from moisture and maintain long shelf lives.

Available configurations

Desiccant bags are available in a variety of non-woven substrates including DuPont Tyvek®. Standard bag sizes range from 1/6 unit to 80 units (5½ grams to 2,640 grams). One Unit of desiccant is equal to 26 grams of silica gel or 33 grams of bentonite.

  • Standard Heat Sealed Bags: Süd-Chemie offers one of the most comprehensive lines of quality heat-sealed desiccant bags.
  • Tie Bags: Tie bags include bags made with a sewn string or non-woven strap, ideal for protecting large items from rust, corrosion or other moisture damage. They can be hung on large equipment for transport or storage.
  • Kraft Bags: Needed for some applications, Süd-Chemie offers a full line of desiccant bags packaged in Kraft (Crepe) material.
  • Netted Bags: Süd-Chemie offers netted desiccant bags to protect powdered products, bulk solids, metals, and foods. Covered with a red, food-grade netting, the bags can be dropped directly into powdered products and are easily identified and discarded once the product is ready to be used.
  • Speciality Bags: Süd-Chemie provides packaging services for customized desiccant bags incorporating humidity indication and special adsorption qualities.

Key Advantages

  • Desiccant bags effectively absorb moisture in product packaging to combat its damaging effects including corrosion, mold and degradation.
  • Compliance to various industry and government standards including FDA, DIN, Mil-Spec, and JEDEC are readily available.
  • Typical applications include pharmaceuticals, electronic components, semiconductors, military equipment, medical equipment and food.


Süd-Chemie offers desiccant bags that meet many of industry’s most rigourous specifications, including military specification Mil-D-3464E (Mil Spec). Mil Spec bags are classified as Type I (general use), Type II (non-dusting) and Type III (durability). Süd-Chemie’s Desi Pak® and Sorb-It® bags are available to meet Type I requirements, and specific Tie-Bags are available to meet Type III specifications. Süd-Chemie’s Desiccant Bags also meet Method II Packaging Standards, as described in Mil-P-116-E, which covers the basic requirements of military packaging methods of preparation. Designated Mil-Spec bags are rechargeable using bag-specific instructions printed on each bag.


Desiccant bags comply with the most significant industry specifications including:

  • Mil-Spec: Süd-Chemie is listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) as complying with the Mil-D-3464E as tested and qualified by the US Department of the Navy.
  • DIN: Süd-Chemie’s desiccant bags comply with German military specification DIN 55473-B.
  • JEDEC: Süd-Chemie Desiccant Bags, along with its Humitector® Humidity Indicator Cards, are certified for the dry packaging applications for semiconductors.
  • Food & drugs: Süd-Chemie offers desiccant bags that meet relevant FDA specifications for use in food and drug applications.

Desiccant Types

  • Desi Pak®: Bentonite (moisture adsorption)
  • Sorb-It®: Silica gel (moisture adsorption)
  • Tri-Sorb®: Molecular sieve (moisture adsorption)
  • Getter Pak®: Activated carbon (odor control)
  • 2-in-1 Pak®: Desiccant + activated carbon (moisture and odor control)
Desiccant Types

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