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September 11, 2011adminSMIF POD Cleaning SystemComments Off on CP-2200

It is a manual set method of the precision cleaning of SMIFPOD for eight inches and the overall operation method developed to dry.


CP-2200 is the best washing for the pilot line for the research with which advanced knowledge and the latest technology only of the container washing device manufacturer of the semiconductor device are equipped etc. and the drying equipment.
As for CP-2200, washing and the dryness, etc. of the cassette are also possible.

  • Pure water jet washing simultaneously and style of temperature of air knife dryness inside and outside in cover part of SMIFPOD and in base
  • It washes precise and it dries from the nozzle arranged in close-in the rotation of POD
  • A small amount of purified water is drained excluding when being washing it and the prevention of bacteria
  • Easy operation with touch panel
  • Controller of sequencer method adoption
  • Various safety devices
  • Easy maintenance
  • Various, optional designs matched to needs are possible.

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